Mary Jane Steffes earned her BFA from the Center For Creative Studies with a major in Graphic Design. After graduating, she joined Communications Creative, a small advertising agency in Grosse Pointe. Her experience at Communications Creative gained her access to working with a variety of clients in the Detroit area. With over 10 years of experience as a Graphic Designer. Mary Jane decided to start her own business and created Treo Design Group
in 2004.

Timothy L. Evans, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Timothy earned his BFA from the Parson School of Design with a major in Graphic Design and Photography. After graduating from Parsons, he joined Pictographics as a studio production manager in Manhattan, New York. He also worked at Xerox in Atlanta, Georgia and worked on the graphics for the 1996 Olympic Games. Currently working in Manhattan, New York at a design firm, Image King Visual Solutions, as a graphic designer and digital manager/IT overseeing all aspects of the design phase. He has over 20 years of graphic design/photography experience.